Broker ID D5KUC
State NSW
Years as Licensed Broker 6-10
Industry Experience With more than 10 years industry experience and have held multiple positions in Customs, forwarding and cartage area. Sound knowledge and good skill to smooth the clearance in a challenging day to day envirnments. Current broker licenced and both AQIS commodity and non-commodity accreditated.
Member of what Industry Associations CBFCA , FTA
Commodities of Expertise Plenty of experience across over the board and TA, FTA, BICON knowledge. Currently mainly handling furniture, textile, car parts, medicine, chemical and large mining equipment/facilities. Usd to handle car and other self-powered importation such as yacht and light plane/helicopter, etc..
Type or Locum Services Available for Dial in locum services , Trainee Broker mentoring , Compiler Assistance dial in (Australian based only) , Trade and Tariff consulting services , Auditing services
Freight System Competency Cargowise – EDI , Cyberfreight , Expedient , Other
Hours of Availability