Broker ID RRYU3
Suburb Hovea
City Perth
State WA
Years as Licensed Broker 0 - International Trade consultant
Industry Experience A senior supply change professional operating independent consultancy services since 2006 • Skilled in decision making and problem management • Able to lead and motivate others in co-operative ventures • Strong analytical mind, able to identify problems and implement solutions • Effective and seasoned “change manager” able to identify and seize new opportunities • Proven record in delivering significant bottom line savings . Working in a variety of supply chain roles from senior industrial engineer through to general manager and director level. I have delivered 'bottom line value add' across a range of industries for significant 'blue chip businesses.
Member of what Industry Associations Other
Commodities of Expertise SCLAA,(Life member) CILT,(non current)IWSP( now the institute of management services) - non current I have delivered significant value add conducting Investigations and reviews of the utilisation of personnel, facilities, equipment and materials, current operational processes and established practices, to recommend improvement in the efficiency of operations in a variety of commercial, industrial and production environments
Type or Locum Services Available for Trade and Tariff consulting services , Auditing services
Freight System Competency Other
Hours of Availability