Broker ID COS5X
Suburb Greenvale
City Melbourne
State Vic
Years as Licensed Broker 0 - Training to be a broker
Industry Experience 10 years experience in industry (5 years with niche broker) - specialises in company start-ups (including shipping lines), database management/building, implementing new customers, constant refinement of operational efficiencies; Substantial Business Development potential; Passed all Customs Broker subjects except for final subject; Gives sound advice as to the overall process of shipping; Intermediate to Good with Valuation; Weak to Intermediate with classification – does have access to HS notes + EDI Tariff Can pick errors/omissions on all types of commercial documents; Very experienced in using Customs Interactive as a tool of diagnosis/payments; Experienced with Free Trade Agreements; Very experienced in all types of Cartage and Freight Forwarding Operations Very familiar with IFIP procedures, MICOR, BICON, NCCC Scheme & Minimum Document Requirement Policy, as well as use of COLS to lodge DAFF entries at any time of day. Familiar with Import Permit process, Needs development in AEP for commodities; Familiar with Carnet clearance; Currently working full-time; Available after-hours & weekends; Dedicated home office/study with NBN Fibre, IP Phone, Multiple Printer/Scanners
Member of what Industry Associations Other
Commodities of Expertise Various
Type or Locum Services Available for Compiler Assistance dial in (Australian based only) , Trade and Tariff consulting services
Freight System Competency Cargowise – EDI
Hours of Availability