Suburb Hamilton
City Brisbane
State Qld
Years as Licensed Broker 0 - Training to be a broker
Industry Experience Having started and completed most of the subjects of the Diploma of Customs Broker Course, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to gain practical knowledge of the industry. As I’m not in the industry yet I need to gain some practical knowledge. I was thinking that it would be a good idea for me to get some work experience as a volunteer (work for free for up to 4 months). So I was wondering whether it was at all possible for me to get some work experience with your company?.. Having no industry experience I’m open to any possibility. Based on my background and previous experience I am confident that I possess skills such as high attention to detail, strong organisation and time management skills with the ability to prioritise workloads, work well under pressure, manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
Member of what Industry Associations CBFCA
Commodities of Expertise I don't have the industry experience
Type or Locum Services Available for Trainee Broker mentoring , Compiler assistance at desk , Compiler Assistance dial in (Australian based only)
Freight System Competency Other
Hours of Availability