Broker ID 561HC
Suburb Bexley
City Sydney
State NSW
Years as Licensed Broker 6-10
Industry Experience Work as customs broker for brokerages as described in resume attached, Responsibilities Included but not limited:  Acting as customs broker being assigned to handle pharmaceutical/medical supplies/nutritional food accounts and a wide range of commodities.  Electronic lodging of 30-35 Customs Entries per day (most of shipments are subject to quarantine/import food/TGA/customs restrictions and concerns), both for air and sea freights. Ensure that entries are cleared in accordance with Customs compliance agreements. Prioritize the clearance flow in order to achieve fastest transit time possible. Maximize pre-clearances opportunity in accordance with established service guidelines and the owner's instructions  Attending to any queries or impediments raised by the customs or DAFF  Attend to client needs relating to tariff classification of goods, rates of duty, tariff concession orders, free trade agreements, methods of valuation and origin requirements of the Customs Act  Assisting with import and cartage operational processes as required to meet client service expectations  Provide classifiers and compilers with tutoring and instructions on tariff/TC allocation, customs/DAFF restrictions, GST, valuation and preferences.  Monitor docs submitted to redline and DAFF and handle customs/DAFF direction Please refer to resume attached for more details
Member of what Industry Associations CBFCA
Commodities of Expertise pharmaceutical medical supplies nutritional food accounts And a wide range of commodities.
Type or Locum Services Available for 3DL Nominee
Freight System Competency Cargowise – EDI , Expedient , Other
Hours of Availability