Broker ID 2CYVQ
Suburb Tarneit
City Melbourne
State Vic
Years as Licensed Broker 0 - Training to be a broker
Industry Experience I'm final year student of diploma of Customs Broker from CBFCA and trying to get my foot in the door in freight forwarding industry. I worked as a logistics coordinator (Internship) where I was responsible to liaise with overseas suppliers. other experiences are; worked as an accounts and operations manager where I was responsible for responsible for end to end operations management including wholesale & distribution which involved supply chain management. Also worked as an assistant marketing manager in Shopping center. I demonstrated the ability to use contemporary marketing techniques to ensure marketing campaigns remain effective.
Member of what Industry Associations CBFCA
Commodities of Expertise I am keen to work with expertise in freight forwarding industry. I haven't had any exposure in related industry. However, I’m quick learner and have been diligent in performing my duties and responsibilities with sincerity.
Type or Locum Services Available for Trainee Broker mentoring , Compiler assistance at desk , Compiler Assistance dial in (Australian based only)
Freight System Competency Other
Hours of Availability