Broker ID 47FMJ
Suburb Windsor
City Brisbane
State Qld
Years as Licensed Broker 11-20
Industry Experience CPL, Locum Broker for 10 years, ADF reserve officer Qual OPSO RAAF OPLOG/MTO RANR Consultant on Defence LOGs and Compliance, Facilitator Brokers Licensing Course AOE Specialist DMO
Member of what Industry Associations FTA , Other
Commodities of Expertise Defence Materiel, Aerospace, Maritime Projects, Project Management/Procurement, Remote Logistics, QEMS Audit Compliance, All Tariff Classifications including IFIP, weapons, vehicles, Temp Imports etc, AEP Compliant
Type or Locum Services Available for At desk locum services , Dial in locum services , Trainee Broker mentoring , Trade and Tariff consulting services , Auditing services , Available for Interstate Travel
Freight System Competency Cargowise – EDI , Cyberfreight , Expedient , Other
Hours of Availability Business hours , Casual / Part time , Night time , Saturdays , Sundays