3DL – Logistics At A Glance

“Local Knowledge, Global Capabilities

We are dedicated to the craft that is Customs Brokerage.
We are specialists in our field.
We have access to global networks.
We are great listeners.
We are excellent logisticians.
We have a innovative business model.


Anything to anywhere, Anything from anywhere, Our Freight Partners can deliver and your goods will be cleared by Industry leading professionals.

Trade and Tariff Consultancy

If you lose your drivers licence, you don’t ask the Uber driver taking you to the hearing to represent you. You might not go to jail, but the outcome will not be as it should.

Why use just anyone, or the company with the cheapest freight rates?
Your supply chain is more complex than some Freight Forwarders give them credit.

Use us!
We are the professionals, we look at the macro.
You need a plan. Each plan is specific to your needs and desired outcomes.
It is our passion to ensure your supply chain, big or small, is fully compliant with all Laws and Regulations all the while, tailoring procedures to your operational needs.
We are proud to be Customs Brokers and we have Freight Forwarding Partners, all of them having a global reach.